Take your passion to new heights

We've designed the D1 Drone Backpack to keep your quadcopter, accessories and photo kit safely organized, wherever you are. Light, ergonomic and comfortable, with a choice of carry-modes, it will enable you to follow your passion as far as it takes you.

Double Possibilities

Portable Drone Protection

The D1 Drone Backpack is a brand new, all-in-one carrying concept by Manfrotto. It has been carefully designed to meet the high demands of aspirational photographers who enjoy braving the roughest, wildest trails to discover the most beautiful places on Earth.

  • Keep your DSLR Safe

    Compartment safeguards your DSLR and attached lens

    Ultra-protective pouch

    Closely fits around your drone and kit, keeping the contents safe

  • Side Compartment

    Safely carries iPad or 17” laptop

    detachable organizer

    Roomy pouch for batteries, cables, chargers, mounts, etc.

    room for extra batteries

    Batteries are securely stored in their dedicated space

    safe organizer

    Blades and propellers are kept safe


    Secure your quadcopter with mounted propellers from the outside of the pack

    eXternal tripod hook

    Secures your Manfrotto tripod to the outside of the pack

  • Double Possibilities

    Dual Carrying Solution

    The D1 Drone Backpack provides remarkable protection for your quadcopter when you are braving the elements. When you are not using it, you can safely store it in 'rest mode' inside the pack. In 'action mode', you can attach the quadcopter securely to the quick-store pouch with mounted propellers so you won't have to unmount the equipment when you need to get to a new place fast.

    The D1 Drone Backpack is the perfect carrying solution for short-distance journeys and situations where you need to move quickly at the last minute. For the best all-round protection, we recommend you store your quadcopter internally.

    What Fits Inside

    This backpack is for image-makers who are determined to make the most of their passion for photography with professional-grade equipment. It has a very light carry-on size of under 2kg, and keeps all of your flight equipment and regular photography gear safe and secure.The D1 Drone Backpack is also extremely spacious, and compatible with every DJI Phantom series including the Phantom 4.

    Beautiful Design

    The D1 Drone Backpack is renowned for its smart, fashionable design, and received an 'Honourable Mention' from the Red Dot jury, a global team of design experts.

    Design Award, Reddot award


    Take your passion to new heights

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