Manfrotto TwistGripThe foundation for elevated smartphone photos and videos

The Foundation for Elevated Smartphone Photos and Videos.


Experience complete freedom and control over your photos and videos with TwistGrip Range. Combine additional accessories to create the perfect on-the-go modular photographic system that delivers stable, high-quality pictures and videos with nothing but your smartphone.


Compact and lightweight, all the elements of TwistGrip Range easily slides into your pocket so you'll be ready to capture life's spontaneous moments.


The 1/4" thread connections and multiple cold-shoe mounts allow for easy connection to different photographic accessories for a complete photographic system.


TwistGrip clamp fits any smartphone in any size. Then connect all the accessories you need to take your best shots.

TwistGrip Range

TwistGrip System is the perfect support for social photographers, and takes the quality of your stills and video shots to a whole new level.


A trusty universal clamp for connecting the smartphone to any support.


A convenient handle to hold your TwistGrip steadily and comfortably.

TwistGrip System

A phone camera rig (handle plus bar) with multiple universal attachments for maximum modularity when shooting with your smartphone.

Italian quality
you can rely on

Thoughtfully crafted for the on-the-go photographer, get inspired to see the world differently with TwistGrip Range's outstanding Italian manufacturing and design. Capture life's spontaneous moments wherever you may be.

Outstanding Design

High Quality Materials


Aluminum Construction

Beautiful Design

Your moments, captured your way

Making meaningful images has never been easier. Configure your TwistGrip Range with a wide range of accessories to create the complete photographic system you're looking for.


  • Stunning selfies

  • Smooth videos

  • Artistic portraits

  • Video shooting like a Pro

Jul’s Kitchen

Food writer & photographer. Born and bred in Tuscany.

"We gathered here in Tuscany with the best intentions: eat, cook together, have fun.
We also wanted to have the chance to keep all the memories we were creating through photos and videos!
This is when I decided to test the Manfrotto TwistGrip Range, as we needed something versatile and quick to adjust to our needs."

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Juliana Broste

Emmy Award winning Travel Video Journalist

"Ever think about using your smartphone for video? The Manfrotto TwistGrip Range is a smart solution for mobile journalists who demand top performance from their camera phones."

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Dean Blotto Gray

Photographer dedicated to sharing the snowboard experience.

“Alongside a smartphone I felt the Lumimuse 8 was perfectly suited for the assignment, so I assembled the Hand, Base and Twist Grip System, mounted the light to the cold shoe and began shooting.”

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Gautier Courquin

22 year old photo and video student

"I’ve also used it as a stand to watch videos or play games during long car, train, and air travel…. Now, I set it onto the TwistGrip and the mini-tripod in a low position, and it’s like I’m at the cinema! Well, not really, but it holds really well."

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Rob Dunsford

Writer for Equestrian event photographer and singer-songwriter

"...I’m inseparable from my Manfrotto TwistGrip. It’s well designed, versatile, portable and perfect for attaching your smartphone to any kind of tripod. Once your smartphone is secured you can easily tackle more challenging shooting scenarios with confidence."

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The all-in-one photographic smartphone solution

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