Manfrotto Pocket is an emergency solution designed for people who take a lot of photos and need a lightweight and unobtrusive support.

Ready When
You Are

Ultra-portable, lightweight and stable, the Pocket is the adaptable support that is always attached to your camera. Never leave a moment behind again.

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The Pocket is always on so you will never leave it at home.

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Enhance Your Creativity

Remarkable images are possible anywhere when using the versatile Pocket support.

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The More the Merrier

Memories look better when everyone is in the picture.

Moveable Screw
Independent Legs

Enhance Your Creativity

With the Pocket support you can produce amazing images that wouldn't otherwise be possible such as long-exposures. Get down-low or up-high for creative perspectives.

The More
the Merrier

Sometimes you wish you could be in the picture. With the Pocket, it's no problem. No matter the situation, simply adjust the legs, set the self-timer and get in the picture.

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Closed Open


The best thing about the Pocket is that it's always ready when you are. Because it’s so slim, it can be always attached to your camera, even when it’s in a pouch. Now you’ll never forget to take it with you!

Don't Compromise.

Stop using your wallet to stabilise your camera. Use the Pocket's independently adjustable legs to adapt to any surface and to produce perfectly level pictures.

For Large Compact System Cameras
and Entry Level DSLRs

Tailor Made

Like a great suit, the Pocket is made-to-measure. Choose the correct size, large or small, for your device and the Pocket will fit perfectly due to the universal sliding screw mount.


For Compact Cameras and
Small Compact System Cameras

Show Your
True Colours

Some people like red,
Some people like blue,
Whichever it is,
There's a colour for you. 

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