Gitzo new Center Ball Heads

The best ball heads in Gitzo history. Designed to perfectly match Gitzo tripods focusing on ultimate smoothness and precision of the movement and locking. With the new Center Ball Heads, a new masterpiece comes to life.

reddot award 2016 winner


The state-of-the-art in the heads’ field, focusing on ultimate smoothness and precision of the movement and locking.

Smooth WS2 Ball Coating
Combined with an efficient locking mechanism.
Precise Control
Pan lock and friction control.
Perfect Match for Gitzo Tripods
Ideal especially for Traveler and Mountaineer tripods.

Smooth WS2 Ball Coating

Tungsten disulphide (WS2) is one of the smoothest materials known to science. The coating minimises the irritating “stick-slip” (jerky movement) effect. The extremely efficient locking mechanism (patent pending) and the use of hard metal components under and around this smooth ball surface achieve movement with comfortable friction, strong locking with minimum effort, and compact head sizes.

Precise Control

Independent pan lock is available in all 3 models. Friction control is available in GH1382QD and GH3382QD. It functions independently from the ball lock knob, allowing the ball lock to have a short stroke (quick locking).

Perfect Match for Gitzo Tripods

New Gitzo heads have slim, curved forms, aesthetically outstanding with a triangular accent, and matte grey plated steel top casings. Dimensions and colourings are designed to match perfectly with Gitzo’s Traveler and Mountaineer Tripods.

Intuitive Quick
Release System

The plate is locked with a screw-knob, which makes the system compact, light, and intuitive, while being flexible to accept most Arca-Swiss style plates from a wide variety of brands.

Product Range and

The new Center Ball Heads are available in different sizes and features to match your tripod and equipment.


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