Birdwatching Tripod Heads

Birdwatching demands different features of support equipment than video and photo applications, yet almost all the heads used by bird watchers are video- or photo-specific. As a result, most bird watchers use larger, heavier and more complicated supports than they ideally need. Uniquely, Gitzo two way fluid heads have been developed to meet a single target: to make them the first ever 100% birdwatching heads. The key innovations of these heads are the new Birdwatching Fluid Cartridges, the Single Lock System and the ultra-precise inner mechanism. The result is an unconventional head perfectly matched to Carbon Fibre Gitzo tripods – an extraordinary combination of performance and portability, designed to give ultra-stable and precise spotting.

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  • Gitzo 2 way head, series 1

    Gitzo 2 way head, series 1

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    Technical specifications
    Safety Payload Weight 8.82 lbs 4 kg
    Material Magnesium Magnesium
    Head Type Other Other
    Top Attachment 1/4″ screw 1/4″ screw
    Base Diameter 1.97 in 50 mm

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