Quick Release Filter Adapters

The new Manfrotto Filter Suite sets image makers free, enabling professional and amateur photographers and videographers to say goodbye to the hassle and frustration of changing filters while subjects wait, as perfect light slips away - losing the moment. With the Manfrotto Filter Suite, photographers connect the filter they need to their lens in an instant, with the utmost precision - and never miss a perfect shot.

The Lens Filter Suite is a complete system combining high-quality photography filters with easy-to-use patented XUME Adapters. This new game-changing solution provides a feature set that is unrivaled on the market: the magnetic coupling system gives enhanced fluidity to your workflow, saving the lost time and tedium of installing and removing your filters. Experience the breakthrough Manfrotto Lens Filter Suite.

It is the perfect choice for long exposures, wedding photography, macro, architectural photography, fine art photography – any style requiring the use of photo filters.

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