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Fluid Video Monopods


Fluid Monopods

Fluid Video Monopods

The Video Fluid Monopod is a Manfrotto WORLD-FIRST featuring a PATENTED SYSTEM that uses a fluid cartridge incorporated into the base giving incredibly smooth panning action to the monopod when shooting VIDEO

Fluid Base

Judder-free panoramic rotation and different shooting angles.


Single leg with risers making the video fluid monopods easy to carry around.

Great operating height

Allows the user to be more flexible while shooting.

Fluid Base

The Fluid Base at the bottom of the product is the key component in the Manfrotto fluid monopod. It enables Judder-free panoramic rotation that cannot be achieved with regular monopods.

Its retractable feet provide the necessary stability for fluid panning and enable the correct tilt position to be reached on the most uneven surfaces. This means users can take advantage of pan fluidity in multiple conditions.


Great solution for users looking for a compact, lightweight support for their camera. 

It can easily be carried around and is the perfect support in situations where a tripod is not an option due to lack of space (i.e. concerts, public events etc.). 

Moreover, when set-up has to be fast and there is the need to move quickly from one place to another, the monopod is the best solution.


Great Operating Height with More Shooting Flexibility

Its great operating height (from 166 cm - 65.35 in to over 2m – 78in) allows the user to be more flexible while shooting, reaching viewpoints that wouldn’t otherwise be achievable.  Whether you’re shooting at eye level or overhead you’ll always have a smooth pan in a very limited footprint. 

Kit Assortment

Depending on the type of camera and its application, there are different versions of the monopod to choose from. 

Fluid Monopods

Fluid Base
for Photo

This fluid base has been created to quickly transform a photo monopod into a video monopod adding the Fluidity feature on PAN movement.

MVA50A can be easily attached on the last section of photo monopods and it is suitable for:

  • Manfrotto Monopods 679B, 680B, 558B
  • All monopods featuring a ø20mm tube in the last section

Fluid Monopods

Fluid Video Monopods


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